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March 14, 2020


Clean Feed CF 539 CD

Dave Douglas


Greenleaf Music GRE-CD-1074

Ig Hennenan/Jaimie Branch/Anne LaBerge

Dropping Stuff and other Folk Songs

Relative Pitch RPR 1094

Birgit Ulner & Benoit Cancoin

Electric Green

Blumlein No #


Possible Worlds

SOFA 575

Something in the Air: Expanding the Trumpet’s Role and Range Outwards

By Ken Waxman

With the trumpet’s traditional heraldic and heroic roles in most music, and construction which depends on only three valves, tubing and a bell, it would seem that distinctive brass innovation would be at a premium. Yet as the following discs demonstrate those who mix innovative concepts and technical sophistication can create notable exploratory sessions. MORE

December 13, 2019

Miles Perkin Quartet

The Point in Question
Clean Feed CF 529 CD

Michael Formanek Very Practical Trio

Even Better

Intakt CD 335

Izumi Kimura/Barry Guy/Gerry Hemingway

Illuminated Silence

Fundacja Sluchaj FSR01/2019

Gabriela Friedli Trio


Leo Records CD LR 828

Torbjörn Zetterberg & the Great Question


Corbett vs. Dempsey CvsD CD 058

Something in the Air: Double bassists Score from the Background

By Ken Waxman

May 2, 2019

Tom Arthurs/Alberto Novello

Cahier de Petite Coquillages Vol. IV/V
Setola di Maiale SM3660

Peter Evans and Sam Pluta

Two Live Sets

Carrier Records 036

Applying a 21st Century interpretation of what bare bones sonority can sound like are these discs of improvisatory encounters between a single trumpet and programmed electronics. Instructively despite instrumental affinity each duo creates a provocatively original program. British trumpeter Tom Arthurs and Italian analog circuitry controller Alberto Novello appear to have divided their Petite Coquillages into two programs, one with a faint attachment to arena Rock and the other brushing against chamber music. Meanwhile, with one long live set – the other is available digitally – American trumpeter Peter Evans and Sam Pluta on electronics appear most interested in unalloyed improvisation, tweaking their instruments with extended procedures to discover how many unexpected noises can be unearthed. MORE

April 16, 2017

Julie Sassoon Quartet

Jazzwerkstatt JW 169

A refinement and expansion of her solo piano work, Fourtune expresses British pianist Julie Sassoon’s compositional ideas through additional voices. By daubing these intricacies into the metaphoric corners of the performances, it ends up that like the specifics of a painting, telling nuances are apparent throughout the entire expanse. Illuminatingly, although the instrumentation resembles that of sleeker and more soothing sessions, while the performers aren’t afraid of playing beautifully, they’re not swaddled by it. There’s a core of cerebral experimentation that comes to the surface like seals instantaneously poking and retracting their heads from sea. MORE

June 21, 2016

Obara International

Live in Mińsk Mazowiecki
ForTune 0080 (052)

Gradually expanding his perspective, Warsaw-based alto saxophonist Maciej Obara has juiced up his International band of two Poles and two Norwegians by adding British trumpeter Tom Arthurs to the mix. Like a touch of pepper that adds flavor, but doesn’t substantially alter the dish’s spice content, the trumpeter, who often works with the likes of pianist Julia Hülsmann and bassist Miles Perkin is attached to similar FreeBop impulses as the saxophonist. With Norwegians, bassist Ole Morten Vågan and drummer Gard Nilssen keeping the pulse steady, the horns’ contrapuntal jabs toughen the narratives, especially when pianist Dominik Wania’s innate romanticism seems in danger of sugar coasting the seven originals so they become more Disney-like than Grimm’s fairy tale-realistic. MORE

October 6, 2014


Chats With The Real McCoy
Creative Sources CS 257 CD

Max Johnson

The Invisible Trio

Fresh Sound New Talent FSNT 438

Starker representations of the variances between Free Jazz and Free Music probably couldn’t be presented than comparing these low-key trio sessions. Although both discs are 40-odd-minutes in length, feature a brass player, double bassist and drummer performing eight originals, confusing one with the other would be like mixing up Kid Ory and Kidd Jordan. Both methods are equally valid of course. MORE

October 7, 2013

Various Artists

Just Not Cricket: Three Days of Improvised Music in Berlin
Ni-Vu-Ni-Connu nvnc lp001/004

Erik Carlsson & All Stars

Swedish azz Volume 1 & Volume 2

NotTwo MW 901-1A/ NotTwo MW 901-1B

Thomas Lehn, Michel F. Côté, Éric Normand


Tour de Bras DL #1

Malcolm Goldstein/Thomas Lehn


Tour de Bras DL #2

Something In the Air: Good Music Comes In Many Forms and Formats

By Ken Waxman

Standardization is a thing of the past when it comes to recorded music and listeners who get too far ahead of or behind the curve are likely to miss interesting sounds. Just as the production of movies didn’t cease with the acceptance of television, so the manufacture of LPs continued even as the CD became the format of the moment. As artisans continue to craft fine furniture despite the availability of mass-produced items, so too LPs are being created in limited quantities. This situation appears tailor-made for experimental sounds. Similarly since advanced players are often as impecunious as they are inventive, the ubiquity of the Internet means that some music is only sold through the Web. The option of not having to create a physical product is a boon for non-mainstream performers. MORE

July 4, 2013

Festival Report:

JazzWeksttatt Peitz
By Ken Waxman

More than 40 years after East Germany’s so-called free jazz paradise regularly attracted Woodstock-sized crowds to this town, about 20 kilometres from the Polish border – and three years after it was revived after a 29-year government-nudged hiatus – JazzWeksttatt Peitz is still working to define its identity

Celebrated in its earlier days as perhaps the one place young East Germans could camp in the open air and experience Western-styled peace and love vibes, albeit with a jazz rather than a rock soundtrack, the festival celebrated its 50th program June 7-9, inviting 21 acts to perform in four different venues, with “open air” now an enclosed tent with rows of chairs. MORE