Reviews that mention Rashied Al Akbar

September 11, 2015

Rahied Al Akbar/ Muhammad Ali/Earl Cross/Idris Ackamoor

Ascent of the Nether Creatures NoBusiness NB LP78

By Ken Waxman

Startlingly high-class free jazz from an unheralded quartet of journeymen Americans, Ascent of the Nether Creatures from 1980 confirms that a vociferous audience existed for more experimental sounds despite the supposed dominance of fusion and mainstream jazz.

Certainly no one in this sometimes raggedly recorded club date from somewhere in the Netherlands, was drawn by star power. Best-known member of the group was drummer Muhammad Ali – Rashied’s brother –whose Center of the World band with Frank Wright, Alan Silva and, Bobby Few worked extensively during the ‘70s. Trumpeter Earl Cross recorded with Charles Tyler, Noah Howard and Rashied Ali; saxophonist Idris Ackamoor’s jazz-world music/jazz ensemble The Pyramids has toured slightly-under-the-radar for many years, while virtually nothing is known about bassist Rashied Al Akbar. MORE