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October 26, 2017

Agustí Fernández

Celebration Ensemble
Fundacja Sluchaj FSR 04/2017

Albert Cirera/Hernâni Fustino/Gabriel Ferrandi/Agustí Fernández

Before the Silence

No Business Records NBCD 96

Having passed the venerable age of 60, Barcelona-area-based pianist Agustí Fernández has been fêted for his prominence on the broadening international improvised music scene. It’s a tribute to his sophisticated musical adroitness that his playing partners now range from Parker (William) to Parker (Evan), without causing a fissure in any situation. Like a director of foreign films who makes the transition to mainstream Hollywood fare, the Catalan pianist has been acclaimed for his adaptability. But like partisan film maker who imports foreign expertise and actors to shore up the local industry, Fernández’s home town concerts often include international partners. Besides confirming his playing and compositional talents, these Fernández discs demonstrate that ideal. MORE