Reviews that mention Sheik Anorak

March 24, 2020


Boulevard de la Chapelle
Gigantonium GR 077

Fifty-odd years ago violinist Jean-Luc Ponty’s contribution to improvised music was that he played his electric violin as if it was a guitar rather than following previous jazzer’s attempts to use it like a saxophone. Delphine Joussein, another French improviser, is attempting do the same for the effects-attached flute.

On this CD Paris-based Joussein uses her voice and electronics to not only propel astringent patterns from her transverse instrument, but adds pressurized slurs, quivers and fluctuations to an overlay that at points resembles electric guitar licks or organ washes. Aiding her quest is Lyon-based drummer Sheik Anorak, whose hard-core associates include the likes of Weasel Walter and Colin Webster. MORE