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February 17, 2022


Music in Unusual Spaces
Matt Clark Music MCM 0023

Tania Gill Quartet

Disappearing Curiosities

TJG 001

To properly interpret their music. two chordal-instrument-playing composers recruited quartet members expert on the exact same instruments. While equally captivating, Toronto pianist Tania Gill has created the equivalent of a short story collection, while Brighton-based guitarist Matt Clark limits his new quartet to one novella-length and two short story-like expressions. Gill, who also devotes one track to Moog expression, is involved in the improvised and notated music worlds. As versatile are her associates, drummer Nico Dann, bassist Rob Clutton. and trumpeter Lina Allemano, all Torontonians. Brighton-based guitarist Matt Clark is the namesake of the MC4, with those joining him for space exploration, London trumpeter Charlotte Keeffe, bassist Ozzy Moysey and drummer James Edmunds. MORE

January 8, 2022

16th Annual Jazz Critics Poll Ballot 2021

Ken Waxman (Jazz Word)



1. Joëlle Léandre, Beauty/Resistance (Not Two)

2. Silke Eberhard Trio, Being the Up and Down (Intakt)

3. Tom Ward-Martina Verhoeven-Dirk Serries-Cath Roberts, Imaginary Junction (A New Wave of Jazz)

4. KORR, Tombé De La Voûte (We Insist)

5. Bertrand Gauguet & John Tilbury, Contre-Courbes (Akousis)

6. Punkt.Vrt.Plastik, Somit (Intakt)

7. Flow Trio With Joe McPhee, Winter Garden (ESP-Disk)

8. Umlaut Big Band, Mary's Ideas (Umlaut) MORE

January 8, 2022

El Intruso 14th Annual International Critics Poll

2021 Ballot
Ken Waxman JazzWord Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Album of the year: Julius Hemphill, The Boyé Multi-National Crusade for Harmony (New World)

Musician of the year Kris Davis, Ivo Perelman

Newcomer Musician: Charlotte Keefe (trumpet)

Group of the year: Umlaut Big Band

Newcomer group: Square Peg: Gordon Grdina, Shazad Ismall, Christain Lillinger

Composer: David Sanford, Elliott Sharp, Michael Formanek

Drums: Günter Baby Sommer, Carlo Costa, Peter Orins

Acoustic Bass: Barry Guy, Joëlle Léandre MORE

October 7, 2021

Charlotte Keeffe

Right Here, Right Now
Discus Music 107 CD

More like a CV or in contemporary terms a LinkedIn page, British trumpeter/flugelhornist Charlotte Keeffe provides a comprehensive resumé of her skills during this CD’s nine tracks. That means she’s featured playing solo, in duo, leading a quartet and playing and conducting the London Improvisers Orchestra. (LIO) There’s impressive work throughout, but like the person who provides too much detail on a job application, a tighter focus would be preferable.

As it is she demonstrates conclusively that she can maintain her capillary authority in free improvisations with guitarist Diego Sampieri and playing solo. Swaying against the guitarist’s delicate finger picking, she positions her slurring exposition with mutes, half-valve and other effects. On her own she invokes electronics for intricate live sampling and timbre multiplication that allow her to cascade bugling tones on one track and otherwise communicate the essence of “The Melody’s in the Post” with warm expansions of tangents and textures. The three tracks with guitarist Moss Freed, bassist Ashley John Long and drummer Ben Handysides build on the quartet’s strengths with plunger blasts or shifted shading prodding the guitarist to counter her expositions with staccato string stings, intense strums or frails. “A Horse Named Galaxy” adds a swing feel with Keeffe’s brassy spurts indicating Bop, Cool and Free tropes as the double bass thumps and Freed doubles the brass player’s part with clucking rhythm guitar work. MORE

July 11, 2020

Martin Archer

Anthropology Band
Discus 90 CD

Webber/Morris Big Band

Both Are True

Greenleaf Music GRE CD 1075

Vladimir Tarasov & Krugly Band Orchestra

Sound Tapestries

SoLyd Records SLR 0440

Fire! Orchestra

Krysztof Penderecki Actions

Rune Grammofon RCD 2212

Gard Nilssen Supersonic Orchestra

If You Listen Carefully the Music Is Yours

ODIN CD 9572

Something in the air Novel Large Ensemble Strategies are expressed by Bands All over the World