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August 2, 2020

Rhodri Davies

Transversal Time
Confront core series/core 11

Carl Testa

Sway Prototypes - Volume 3

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Musical programs intermingling live electronic processing with real time acoustic playing make up the cores of these decisive sessions. With the correct symmetry intact, length and approach turn out to be secondary to the intensity and clarity of mixing processed and human tones. A commissioned work, the 38-minute Transversal Time was created by Welsh harpist Rhodri Davies as part of his intermittent investigation of electro-acoustic sounds and is played by a selected nonet, including the composer. Also featuring composer Carl Testa on double bass and electronics, the other CD is the newest iteration in a decade-and-a-half application of the Sway live electronic processing system. Each of the two tracks are longer than Davies’ composition, with one performed by a quintet and the other a sextet with vocalist Anne Rhodes and Testa the only overlapping elements. MORE