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February 6, 2021

Martin Taxt

First Room
SOFA 582

While the devil may be in the details for some projects, in contrast dedicated listening will be most rewarding with First Room. For the single 35½ -minute track created out of spatial microtones by Oslo-based tubaist Martin Taxt and bassist/viola da gamba stylist Inga Margrete Aas is concerned with emphasis not movement. Investigating possible relations between architecture and music, the mostly largo and adagio composition is a mini essay in drone and repetition.

Previously involved in trios and duos with the likes of Toshimaru Nakamura and Håvard Volden among others, this is the tuba player’s most reductionist work and it’s justly stabilized by offsets from the stringed instruments. Involved with contemporary notated sounds with Ensemble Allegria or the duo Vilde & Inga, Aas helps propel the affiliated undulating drones by de-emphasizing characteristic instrument intonation, as does Taxt. MORE