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February 1, 2021

Zeitkratzer & ensemble 2e2m

Reinhold Friedl--KRAFFT
Zeitkratzer productions zkr0027/Bocian Records zv

Roscoe Mitchell


Angelica IDA039/IDA040

Whether composers are the best interpreters of their own music becomes a moot question when it comes to sounds informed by improvised music. At least the idea is elaborated, if not resolved, on these discs where the composers take part in the performances of their music.

More straightforward as well as innovative, KRAFFT features a reading of a forceful composition of the same name, commissioned by the French state and played by its composer German pianist Reinhold Friedl with the eight piece Zeitkratzer band he directs plus the nine-piece French ensemble 2e2m conducted by Pierre Roullier. Splatter on the other hand features two orchestrations of small group compositions by American saxophonist Roscoe Mitchell played by the Orchestra del Teatro Comunale di Bologna, conducted by Tonino Battista, with Mitchell and US baritone Thomas Buckner as soloists. The CD also features a massive Mega Luna dual instant composition performed by Mitchell and Italian Francesco Filidei on pipe organ. MORE