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April 23, 2021

M-Kat Ensemble

Eight Durations
Edgetone EDT 4209

Expressive in its mixture of nostalgia and futurism is this eight-part improvisation produced by a quartet with infrequently affiliated instruments. Vigorous, energetic and noisy, the M-Kat Ensemble arguably couldn’t arise anywhere else than the Bay area since the sequences’ screechy elevated textures which reach back to the heyday of The New Thing share space with projected oscillations from the realm of electronic. Part of California’s underground underground, ensemble members bring slices of Rock, reductionist, drone and ethnic intimation to the tracks. Alto saxophonist/flutist Kersti Abrams has played with Elliot Levin and bands like Cartoon Justice; Theremin player Andrew Joron also writes poetry and sci-fi; while drummer Mark Pino and bass guitarist Thomas Harrison Jr, have played in many local groups. MORE