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October 23, 2021

Frédéric Aurier & Sylvain Lemêtre

Umlaut records UMFR-CD36


Rising Up


Two singular takes on the simple strings and percussion duo finds each arriving and projecting contrasting parameters as well as an array of sound sources. Unfolding in the realm of imaginary folklore, Superklang from France is a suite of 11 performances that mix the violin, nyckelharpa and voice of Frédéric Aurier, who with Quatuor Béla specializes in contemporary notated music, with the zarb, percussion and voice of Sylvain Lemêtre, who has played with Sylvaine Hélary and composes theatre and film music. Rising Up in comparison matches the violin and viola of the UK’s Faith Brackenbury, who has recorded with Martin Speake with the drums and double bass of Tony Bianco, a UK-based American, with long improv cred beside Paul Dunmall and others. MORE