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October 16, 2020

Atlantique Jazz Festival #17

October 3-11, 2020
Brest, France

By Ken Waxman

Creativity crushed Covid-19 fears at the 17th Atlantique Jazz Festival (AJF) in early October. The annual program in Brest, France presented the usual fine music with only a few concessions to the pandemic. While a couple of out-of-country performers had to bow out, and concert audiences had to wear masks and social-distance, these unanticipated touches were taken in stride and may have even enhanced the situation. After all, Jazz is about improvising.

In fact, two performances which resonated with first-rate ideas were from so-called replacements and took place on the AJF’s second and final nights. Reorienting the festival’s concluding show, a double bill at Le Vauban, a missing US group was replaced by Entre les Terres, a quartet that cunningly negotiated among improv, formalist and folkloric currents, featuring baritone saxophonist François Corneloup, clarinetist Catherine Delaunay, violinist Jacky Molard and cellist Vincent Courtois. On the second night, at the Mac Orlan concert hall, and replacing a British-focused piano trio he was scheduled to appear with, drummer Simon Goubert instead created a series of intuitive extensions with pianist Sophia Domancich, his long-time duo partner. MORE