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February 22, 2022

Vasco Furtado - Salome Amend - Luise Volkmann

Phonogram Unit PU6 CD


In Search of Surprise

FMR CD 617-0721

Mixing the textures from idiophones and reeds in a series of improvisations can create particular and uncommon results made even more so when the balance between the two shifts in one direction or the other. So it is with Aforismos and the aptly titled In Search of Surprise, which in one way are bizzarro images of one another.

Aforismos’ five track are created by Portuguese drummer Vasco Furtado and Germans, vibraphonist Salome Amend alto saxophonist Luise Volkmann. While Volkmann and Furtado are committed improvisers, playing with the likes of Satoko Fujii and Yedo Gibson, although Wuppertal-based Amend has played with the likes of Peter Brötzmann, most of her work is with New and notated music. The line-up on S.R.L. disc on the other hand joins Krailling-based multi-instrumentalist Udo Schindler, who the years has worked with an orchestra membership list of improvisers, with Aquitaine-based vibraphonist Luc Lainé who is more of a Jazzer, having performed with players like Georges Arvanitas; while French-American multi-reedist Etienne Rolin is a composer and teacher whose improv experience has been with innovators like Joëlle Léandre. MORE