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March 24, 2022

Luís Vicente Trio

Chanting the Name of
Clean Feed CF 575 CD

Andrew Cyrille, William Parker & Enrico Rava

2 Blues for Cecil

TUM CD 059

Veteran improvisers and those in mid-career approach the creative challenge of working with just double bass, drums and brass in fascinating and unique ways. While neither concept or execution is straight-ahead on these discs each result is equally compelling. A salute to a deceased Free Music master by three players whose vocabulary and ideas grew organically from the advances of pianist Cecil Taylor (1929-2018), 2 Blues for Cecil features Americans, drummer Andrew Cyrille and bassist William Parker, who were part of Taylor’s bands at different times, and Italian flugelhornist Enrico Rava, who was dealing with free concepts as early as the 1970s. Chanting the Name of is a different matter. A 21st Century interpretation of Free Music, it involves respected Portuguese stylists: trumpeter Luís Vicente, who has recorded with Parker as well as numerous European innovators; bassist Gonçalo Almeida who has worked with Rodrigo Amado; and drummer Pedro Melo Alves, who has played with the likes of Theo Ceccaldi, MORE

March 9, 2022

Pedro Carneiro & Pedro Mello Alves

Bad Company
Clean Feed CF 574 CD

Cartographie de rythmes #1

Vitesses approchantes

Umlaut Records UMFR CD 36/Anénor ANTH003-1

Ingar Zach/Michele Rabbia

Musique pour deux corps

SOFA 589

Creating a percussion session, especially a duo, can be difficult since participants must ensure that the instrument’s raw power doesn’t overcome the cadence, pitch and tempo of the program. Luckily these European sets do so with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of invention. French drummers Sylvain Darrifourcq, who works with Valentin Ceccaldi, and Toma Gouband, who has played with Evan Parker, use a unique set of idiophones to interpret five contemporary compositions by countryman Karl Naegelen. Meanwhile Norwegian Ingar Zach of Huntsville, and Italian Michele Rabbia, who was part of the Italian Instabile Orchestra, add tranducers and electronics to their drums during 11 free improvisations. Probing slightly different textures, Portuguese drummer Pedro Melo Alves of the Red Trio adapts his prepared kit to 10 duets with Pedro Carneiro’s marimba with quarter tone extension, which the notated music specialist has also played with Carlos Zíngaro. MORE