Schindler & Kepl

Creative Sources CS 653 CD

Creating a program of live concentrated free improvisation, Kralling-based Udo Schindler, playing clarinets and cornet and Vienna violinist Irene Kepl aim for common ground that emphasizes extended techniques without destroying ambling fluidity.

By necessity moving through variants of defiance and decision, the meeting point for Schindler who has played with everyone from Ingrid Schmoliner to Frank Paul Schubert and Kepl who has worked with Mark Holub among others, is emphasis on unusual sonic permutations. From strained capillary yelps and burbling puffs plus shaking reed tones that range from aviary squeaks to basement shakes, Schindler’s output is also repeatedly challenged by the violinist. Sometimes reed shrills and tongue stops bring out pressurized string torque and vigorous sawing from Kepl. But in contrast her interface can also range from using angled col legno whaps to face growling bass clarinet rumbles as on “kein echoraum mehr” or on “erhitzte” strumming mandolin-supple pizzicato twangs to counter strident reed shakes that continuously shatter vibrations.

Still no matter how thin, sour or echoing the duo’s confrontations are during these seven selections, vertical extension is always linked to horizontal progress. Although conventional harmonies and melodies aren’t part of the equation, timbre fragments and unexpected tone detours never push the overall program off track. Full appreciation for the duo’s decision involves listening to what is there and not expecting lyrical refrains.

—Ken Waxman

Track Listing: 1. diese sausende erregtheit 2. erhitzte 3. sich in ein vibrato begeben 4. morgenscheibe rotorange 5. zahlreiches vorhandensein 6. des schicksals blasrohr 7. kein echoraum mehr

Personnel: Udo Schindler (clarinet and bass clarinet, cornet) and Irene Kepl (violin)